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The "Complete"


Vision Iowa Grant Application






Jasper County, Iowa and the City of Newton, Iowa, filled out a grant application asking for $20 million to build a motor speedway on the Jasper County Care Facility property SE of Newton, Iowa.  This completed application was submitted to the Vision Iowa board members on June 12, 2001.


There are very few people in the general public that have actually read this document.  It is of course a public document that can be obtained for the cost of photocopying it, but the document is 1,120 pages long and is rather costly to photocopy.  It is possible to go to the Jasper County courthouse and read what they have filed away without buying it, but in the real world most of us would never bother which is what the county and city officials are counting on.  Since this is such an important document and because it is not "easily" obtainable, I am posting my copy on this website for you to download.  My copy of the completed application was obtained from Vision Iowa, not the Jasper County courthouse.


About a week after the application was submitted to Vision Iowa, the Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau placed a copy of the application on their web site for the public to download.  Unfortunately, they do not mention the fact that their copy of the application was not a "complete" copy.



Every page of the application on this website was scanned as an image file and converted to a pdf file.  Nothing in this document has been altered in any way except for one thing, I removed the social security numbers of the IMS board members from their personal asset and liabilities documents.  Other than that, this is a complete copy of what Vision Iowa has in their possession minus their promo video tape.


Because this is such a large file, it was necessary to break this document up into smaller files to facilitate easier downloading.  A short description of each section is provided and I recommend that you download and read all of the sections if you have the time.  With that being said, here is a short description on how to download pdf files based on what browser you are using and following that is the beginning of the application broken up into sections.





Directions on how to download these PDF files if you are using Internet Explorer.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 is required to view these pdf files.

If you don't already have it on your computer you can download their program for free from here:







Application Introduction

Pages 1-18


  • Letter to Vision Iowa Board members from County Board of Supervisor Chairman Leo Van Elswyk and City of Newton Mayor David Aldridge.

  • Application Cover Sheet

  • Release of Information

  • Financial Forms

  • Short description of the different tabs in the application.

797 KB Download





Tab A - Local Support

Pages 19-108


  • Letters from State Senators, State Representatives, businesses, and other community leaders.

  • Letter of Intent

  • County and city documents proving  that they have conducted official meetings to create an urban renewal area.

Pages 19-63 ............ 1.81 MB Download

Pages 64-108 .......... 2.11 MB Download





Tab B - Demonstrated Need

Pages 109-170


  • Agreement for Sale of Land for Private Redevelopment

    • Exhibit A - Description of Project Area

    • Exhibit B - Description of Project Area

    • Exhibit C - Minimum Assessment Agreement

    • Exhibit D - Special Warranty Deed

    • Exhibit E - Certificate of Completion

    • Exhibit F - Minimum Improvements

    • Exhibit G - Permitted Encumbrances

    • Exhibit H - Form of Legal Opinion of Developer's Counsel

    • Exhibit I - Memorandum of Agreement for Private Redevelopment

    • Exhibit J - Schedule of Economic Development Grants

  • Letter to Jerry Lowrie from American Dynamics, Ltd. assuring him that funds are available for $22,000,000.00.

Pages 109-139 .......... 1.75 MB Download

Pages 140-170 .......... 1.19 MB Download





Tab C - Vertical Infrastructure

Pages 171-181


  • Description of the type of construction for parts of the racetrack along with estimates of the square footage.

  • Description of improvements that the City of Newton will make to the airport and roads.

  • Description of possible road improvements to the existing road system.

508 KB Download





Tab D - Medical Insurance Benefits

Page 182


  • Description of Medical Insurance benefits for Iowa Motor Speedway employees.

57 KB Download





Tab E - Alignment With Other Projects

Pages 183-193


  • List of local tourist attractions

  • Marketing Plan by the Jasper County convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Economic Development Plan by Chamber/Alliance

  • List of Iowa Raceways

400 KB Download





Tab F - Regional or National Draw

Pages 194-201


  • C. H. Johnson Consulting firm opinions along with statistics from iMap Data are quoted in these few pages.

345 KB Download





Tab G - Feasibility

Pages 202-256


  • Iowa Motor Speedway Business Plan

  • Short Biography on the five Iowa Motor Speedway Board of Directors

  • List of people and companies on the Iowa Motor Speedway Team

  • Summary of funding by Jasper County, Newton, Development Team, etc.

  • Personal assets and liabilities of developers:

    • Michael Cardenas

    • Larry Clement & Kathy Clement

    • Ben Shawneego

    • Stanley Clement

    • Ron Kusch

    • Flintco, Inc.

Pages 202-228 .......... 1.21 MB Download

Pages 229-256 .......... 1.24 MB Download





Tab H - Economic Impact

Pages 257-286


  • Mainly iMap Data statistics.

1.31 MB Download





Tab I - Leveraged Activity

Pages 287-298


  • Estimated impact on new construction and local tourism businesses.

  • An interesting and seldom mentioned plan by Alliance to build a $270,000.00 building that is 10,000 sq. feet in size.

  • Plans to relocate roads, widen roads, etc., along with the estimated costs for this work.

458 KB Download






Tab J - Matching Funds

Pages 299-301


  • A summary of the dollar amounts that Jasper County, the City of Newton and the Development Team are donating to the project.

99 KB Download





Tab K - Planning Principles

Pages 302-307


  • A sales pitch to explain about how wonderful the location of the proposed racetrack site is.

249 KB Download





Tab L - Technology & Values

Pages 308-312


  • Another sales pitch referring to NASCAR statistics.

339 KB Download





Show of Support

Pages 313-799


  • Letters, postcards, and petitions in favor of the proposed race track.


Due to the fact that I was running out of storage space on this website, I had to move these files to another location.  Please go here to access these pdf files.





2-2-2001 Appraisal of the Jasper County Care Facility Land

Pages 800-855


  • This is an appraisal of the land only and compares the value to 3 other property appraisals in the area which are included in this report:

    • Robert Van Maaren's property purchased from Bert Snook's estate.

    • Stanley Clement's property purchased from Harold Knaap.

    • Michael Beukema's property purchased from DeGoey.

Pages 800-818 .......... 1.12 MB Download

Pages 819-837 .......... 1.98 MB Download

Pages 838-855 .......... 1.62 MB Download




To view the rest of the Application, click here